Chandan Steel

Welcome To RightVision workforce

RightVision workforce Management provided manpower to Chandan steel limited as 20 tone hammer forger, Airman, Fireman, Press operator and helper. 

Provided 24 hrs manpower and all work in ward work full time and helper department.

All work were as follows: Cutting shop, Loading and unloading, scrap to work.

At Chandan Steel Limited, they believe that steel is at the core of all developments; be it national or international. Every structure that stands strong has stainless steel in it. Unbent, tough, reliable, the metal’s glaze is a standing proof of the limitless possibilities that it has been powering from centuries after centuries.

The entire infrastructure industry is dependent on this shiny metal to translate imaginations into reality. To be precise, stainless steel itself has also played a major role in serving as a constant inspiration for everyone associated with Chandan Steel Ltd to take up challenges, defy old notions associated with the process of manufacturing stainless steel and continue moving ahead; to see themselves at a position of high repute and global recognition.